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The Nicolao Atelier tailor's shop started to produce period costumes in 1980, achieving the creations that have been exported all over the world for years as one of the greatest expressions of Made in Italy handicraft expertise.
Skilled hands cut and sew precious and exclusive fabrics using the authentic cuts and styles adopted in the past to add a touch of class to the period costume-making profession. Our label of excellence has been exhibited in Opera houses, theatres, ballets, cinemas and on television all over the world.
The costumes produced by our tailor’s shop take you on a journey through the past thanks to more than 10,000 sets of underwear, accessories, headgear and capes, all exhibited in our elegant premises in the old town centre of Venice that comprise our workshop, our showroom and our entire costume collection.
Anybody wanting to experience the atmospheres of bygone days needs to wait no longer! Just visit our shop where you can enjoy the fantastic experience of reliving the long-forgotten past.
AUGURI Stefano Nicolao e il suo staf augurano Buone Feste