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MARCO POLO, Direction: Montaldo, Costumes: E. Sabbatini, Set and costume production of the second unit in Nepal (1980)

AMOROSA, Direction: M. Zettering, Costumes for the part regarding Venice, competing at the 43rd International Film Festival in Venice (1986)

IL SAPORE DEL GRANO, Direction: G. Da Campo, the design and creation of costumes, presented at the 43rd International Film Festival in Venice (1986) Winner of Special Press Award;

ROSSO VENEZIANO, Direction: E. Perir, The creation and supply of costumes and footwear, International Scene, Costumes: J. Jacob (1989)

NOSFERATU, Direction: Caminetto, Supply of costumes for some scenes of the part relating to Venice, a scene from the film

SINDROME DI STENDHAL, Direction: Bolognini, the supply of costumes for certain scenes, Costumes: A. Buti

BLAME IT ON THE BELLBOY, Direction: H. Herman, The supply of costumes and costume-tailoring support for the part relating to Venice (1991)

FARINELLI, Direction: G. Corbiau, Costumes: O. Berluti and A. de Laugardiere, The creation and supply of costumes (1994) the Cesar Award and the David di Donatello Award for costumes, Oscar nomination 1995

WITCH WAY LOVE, Direction: C. Fechner (1996) Costumes: Annie Perier

THE WINGS OF THE DOVE, Direction: I. Softley (1996) Presented at the 54th International Film Festival in Venice 1997, 6 Oscar Nominations for costumes

ELIZABETH I° Direction: Shekhar Kapur (1997) with Kate Blanchett, Joseph Fiennes, John Guilgud; Costumes: Alexandra Byrne - Frank Gardiner, Presented at the 55th International Film Festival in Venice 1998, 7 Oscar Nominations for costumes 1999

AMAMI, Costumes: S. Nicolao, Direction: Zanette (1999)


Video SEI MOTIVI PER UNA CITTA', Direction: F. Batacchi

Opera Video IL TRENTINO, Video Clip Planning

Production LIKE A VIRGIN, singer: Madonna 

Video Clip: LITTLE GIRL, Singer: Sandra