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In addition to giving customers the possibility of hiring costumes and to providing assistance during the production of events and to employees working in the show business, Costumi Atelier Nicolao s.r.l. also offers an additional hospitality service that completes the refined and efficient professionalism offered throughout all these years. Nicolhouse brings together 4 kinds of fully-equipped facilities to fulfil various accommodation and logistic needs. They are located between Rialto and Campo SS.Apostoli, in an ancient 17th century palace with splendid, extremely well-kept “Venetian” apartments that are accessed from a characteristic internal courtyard. The apartments are cosy and comfortable and offer all the amenities required for a really pleasant stay. A short walk away from the Teatro Malibran, the Ca’ d’Oro and the Fondamente Nuove with its public water transport stops, it can also be reached from the airport and by water taxi from the bank of the Rio Terà del Bagatin at 5565 in Cannaregio, in front of the Rio di SS. Apostoli, overlooking the building.