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The company’s eclecticism qualifies it to design and produce events, special historical and non-historical masquerades, group masquerades even involving a large number of guests and exclusive and intimate galas in the palace. All these boast historical rigour as their common denominator and ensure an attentive study of iconography which allows the philological reconstruction of portraits including research into the fabrics, ornamental trimmings, buttons to be treated, glazed and aged according to specific requirements, as well as the relevant accessories: bags, footwear and jewellery.

Our company does not just hire the costumes but also provides customer service and care, offering the customer the possibility of creating and personalising any kind and size of event in a stylish and colourful way. The costume-fitting service is provided by an extremely competent, professional staff so that any small adjustments required can be made for a perfect fit. Moreover, the customer will be assisted wherever he/she prefers: at home, in the hotel, in the palace, in Italy and even abroad.

Our very high professional standards have earned us important assignments, ranging from creative and design tasks and including the preparation of VIP rooms for important meetings all over the world.

This is the why the Nicolao Atelier has a vast collection of costumes for valets, hostesses, waiters and waitresses, musicians and dancers. We also offer our customers a staff of attendants provided and organised by us to make anyone’s dream of enjoying a fairy-tale gala come true.