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February 11, 2024

It is the attention to detail that makes the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary, it is a matter of excellence

Stefano Nicolao

venetian reflections nicolao atelier

FEBRUARY 11, 2024

A fairy tale come true, a masked Carnival party in one of the most beautiful Venetian palaces in the historic city.

Stefano Nicolao together with Nicolao Atelier organize the Grand Ball "Venetian Reflections" at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta, one of the magnificent 18th-century buildings overlooking the Grand Canal.


The program

-Opening performance with artistic entertainment

-Welcome cocktail and appetizer reception downstairs

-Plate dinner prepared by the renowned chefs of La Dogaressa.
Tables will be themed to give you a unique experience in a real 18th-century palace.

-International celebrities from the world of music and film

-Lounge with Open bar  

-Dance Hall with Dj set

-Room available for moments of conviviality

Guests will arrive in the opulent setting of Palazzo Pisani Moretta.

Welcoming the evening an opening performance with artistic entertainment.

At the entrance to the magnificently lit palace, guests will be escorted to their tables by liveried waiters who will serve irresistible Venetian cocktails and cicchetti.

The placè dinner prepared by the renowed Chef de La Dogaressa. Tables will be set up at theme to give you aunique experience in a real 18th-century palace.

Music spread throughout the halls will enliven the dinner and make the atmosphere more elegant as well as entertaining through engaging artistic performances and shows.

The dinner will continue with singing and music.

Finally, to embellish this magnificent Venetian masquerade party, guests can dance and enjoy some typical fritters and galani at the open bar.

Photos by: Maurizio Rossi, Stefano Mazzola, Silvia Cappelletto


dress code

The mandatory dress code for the 'Venetian Reflections' carnival masquerade party is the historical costume with mask.

Nicolao Atelier, owned by Stefano Nicolao, the only atelier in Venice with more than 15,000 costumes, will also give you the opportunity to choose for the evening, at a special price, from among its marvellous historical dresses, some of which have served as models for film productions such as Elizabeth, Outlander, Twilight, Casanova and for theatre and opera productions at prestigious theatres worldwide such as La Scala in Milan, Teatro la Fenice in Venice, Washington Opera DC, Lyric Opera of Chicago, New National Opera of Tokyo and many others.



Participate to "Venetian Reflections", the Grand Ball by Nicolao Atelier